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Doosan launch NX Plus low-cost range of IC engine forklifts

2021-01-08 17:03 Kind:转载 Author:Doosan Source:Doosan
Doosan, the leading manufacturer of robust high performance forklift trucks, has launched the NX Plus Series – an enhanced low-cos...
Doosan Infracore (China) Co., Ltd.

Doosan, the leading manufacturer of robust high performance forklift trucks, has launched the NX Plus Series – an enhanced low-cost range of four-wheel Diesel and LPG powered counterbalance forklift trucks – the successor to Doosan’s popular entry-level GX Series.

Designed to offer occasional users and small-to-medium size enterprises (SMEs) a reliable low-cost ‘buy new’ alternative to purchasing a second-hand or reconditioned forklift truck, the all-new NX Plus offers simple, powerful performance with lower maintenance costs than the GX Series and a significantly reduced total cost of ownership.

Higher Performance

Fully compliant with Euro Stage V, both Diesel and LPG models are available across a range of capacities from 2.0 to 3.5 tonne. The combination of a powerful Kubota engine, a lowered centre of gravity and a rigid transaxle facilitates smooth, safe operation on gradients of up to 25%, making the NX Plus perfectly suited to a wide variety of industrial applications.

Further aiding productivity, the gear-pump and mast regulator valve on the NX Plus are optimised to enhance lifting/lowering operations, which together with the highly responsive acceleration and top travel speed of the NX Plus, boosts work-cycle efficiency.

The steering angle on the NX Plus has been extended which increases the turning radius, making the vehicle highly manoeuvrable in confined spaces.

Designed with safety in mind

Design excellence and safety go hand-in-hand with Doosan’s NX Plus Series. A new counterweight profile, giving a lower centre of gravity, and a strengthened mast enhance vehicle stability and operational safety. Front and rear visibility have been increased by thoughtful design of the operator compartment and counterweight, with the clever arrangement of hydraulic hoses and chains providing clear visibility through the wide-view mast.

Ease of access for the operator has been advanced by removing the tilt cylinder from the floor plate and repositioning the accelerator and brake pedals to offer better clearance. More legroom has been created too, providing greater comfort for the driver, and the pedals have been adjusted to minimise ankle fatigue.

Further safety features included with the NX Plus Series include: large entry grip bar and wide anti-slip plate for easy and safe mounting and demounting, a sizeable panoramic mirror, LED lights, an ISO 3691 hydraulic locking valve – preventing unintentional lowering and tilting of the mast – and an operator sensing system that only allows the truck to operate when the driver is seated.

Assured reliability

The NX Plus Series incorporates advanced design features that reduce noise, vibration, and heat and dust inflow, providing a comfortable ride for the operator and protecting key components from damage. Optimised airflow within the core of the vehicle increases its internal cooling capacity and by mounting the engine on an auxiliary weight, vibration is effectively absorbed and noise suppressed – extending the life of critical parts.

In addition, a dual element filter protects the engine against dust, preserving the integrity of the engine, reducing maintenance costs and increasing reliability.


The NX Plus Series has been designed with ease of maintenance in mind. The wide-open hood angle makes the engine easily accessible and a tool-less removable side cover provides further access. In addition, the fuse and relay are centralised for simplicity.

Built for rugged all-round performance, Doosan’s NX Plus Series is a reliable, powerful and versatile workhorse, designed with the smaller business or occasional user in mind – making it the ‘buy new’ alternative to second-hand and reconditioned vehicles.

Since beginning its life as Chosun Machine Works in 1937, Doosan Infracore has become a leading company in the machinery industry of Korea by constantly developing new technology and improving quality. These continued efforts have helped us develop a positive reputation worldwide.

To become a major enterprise in the 21st century, we are expanding international partnerships by increasing overseas investments and providing first-class products and services in Construction Equipment, Industrial Vehicles, Machine Tools, Factory Automation Systems, Diesel Engines, and Defense Systems.

We are focusing every management resource to provide the finest products and services available by developing environmentally friendly products, acquiring international certifications such as ISO 9000s, ISO 14000s, and establishing more efficient and convenient service systems.

Specially, Doosan Infracore is growing and to develop establish by new vision It is global TOP5 of ISB field to world first-class company corresponding actively in administration environment that change rapidly, and to achieve this propel setting middle strategy direction 'line circulation scale achievement and quality security of highest level, continuous operation reform propulsion, global formation capacity reinforcement.

Doosan Infracore will continue to expand investments in research and development to develop new projects and convert business systems for technology-based products to achieve higher profits. We will also continue to collaborate with other corporations that have advanced technology to solidify our status as a global market leader.

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