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New Forklift line eliminates need to purchase both indoor and outdoor forklift fleets

2019-12-27 17:24 Kind:转载 Author:AJOT Source:AJOT
Ventura, CA — World Forklift West, a World Lift master distributor, and XL Lifts, specializing in zero and low emissions forklift...

Ventura, CA — World Forklift West, a World Lift master distributor, and XL Lifts, specializing in zero and low emissions forklifts and a World Lift dealer, today announced the 2020 World Lithium forklift, the industry’s first low-capacity lithium electric forklift for indoor and outdoor use.

The second-generation all-weather World Lithium Forklift is designed specifically for use with lithium batteries and outside use. Other standard brand forklift companies are still offering a first-generation converted lead-acid forklift that uses steel plates inside the lithium battery housing as counterweight to compensate for the weight of a lead acid battery. The result is a significantly heavier, wider and bulkier lift that does not work outside or inside tight turning radius quarters.

Because the 2020 World Lithium is designed for lithium, it boasts a streamlined footprint that enables the forklift to operate in small working areas or sharp turning radius requirements, without compromising on lifting capacity. For example, the World Lithium 8,000 lb. capacity requires the same space/area as a conventional 5,000 lb. or 6,000 lb. LPG forklift.

“Beyond the upfront cost savings, the newly designed World Lithium forklift utilizes fast charging lithium ion batteries making World Lithium forklifts one of the first lower-capacity zero emissions forklifts to run continuous shifts with brief opportunity charging on breaks, lunches and between shifts,” said Peter Vaz, President of World Lift. “The result is minimal downtime for increased productivity without the bigger and bulkier footprint of older lead-acid battery converted forklifts. We are thrilled to introduce this innovative electric forklift to the market.”

“XL Lifts (a World Forklift dealer) is excited to offer its customers a second-generation zero-emission forklift alternative that can be used in all-weather conditions — even in the rain and snow. This innovation means that companies no longer need to purchase two forklifts, such as an LPG/diesel and an electric forklift, one for outdoors and one for indoors,” said President of XL Lifts Mike Marzahl. “Plus, with the ability to be charged outdoors*, companies no longer have to allocate precious and expensive indoor space or battery rooms to house and charge their World Lithium forklifts, like they currently need to with their lead-acid electric forklifts.”

Currently, some industries, have had no choice, but to purchase multiple forklift fleets of forklifts for indoor and outdoor use. For example, agriculture and warehousing companies need to move produce or product from field outside trucks using LPG or diesel forklifts, to a staging area, and finally to and inside the cooling plant or enclosed warehouse using an electric forklift. But now, with the all-weather, zero emissions World Lithium Forklift, agriculture and warehousing companies can unload produce and product from field trucks and move pallets of inventory directly into the cooling plant(s) or warehouse using just one forklift, saving significant time and money. This would also apply to companies who are in the material handling business – such as freight, transportation, distribution, warehousing.

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