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Changjiang Hydraulic establish factory trace back to 1937s,it started to produce hydraulic component in 1964s,after changing the address of Shanghai Engineering Hydraulic Component factory.In 1986 started to focus on researching energy saving and load sensing technology in the integration and application of all kinds of engineering machinery system. The company' load sensing,flow distribution radio,the electro-hydraulic proportional control,micro-motion,anti-jamming,taking the lead in research and application in domestic investment in cranes, bulldozers and other construction machinery.After more than fifty years professional production on hydraulic component parts, it has accumulated rich experience in design, manufacturing, and formed abundant experience on hydraulic components, hydraulic system and mechanical&electrical hydraulic automatic control technology integration as well as product research and development capabilities.

   It is a key focus and leading companies in the china hydraulic industry is the leading enterprises of National high-performance hydraulic high-tech industrial base in Luzhou ,The national demonstration base of hydraulic industrial clusters in Luzhou .Under the jurisdiction of the company’s subsidiary there have Chengdu Changye Machinery Co,Ltd. And Sichuan Changjiang Hydraulic Tiancheng Machinery Co.,Ltd.The companies design and manufacture of multiple directional control valves,Piston Pump gear pumps/motors,hydraulic cylinders,hydraulic systems and oil machinery,as well as the specific needs of customers to provide complete system solutions,Products are widely used in engineering machinery and engineering farm、vehicle,construction,metallurgy,petroleum,marine industry,brand-name hosts the first choice of supporting,and exported to international markets.Development of the company’s load-sensing multiple directional control valve and the Beijing Olympic games opening and closing ceremony of the stage performances hydraulic lift systems,door machine system of the three gorges hydro-power station and other products has get progress awards of science and technology on many occasions by the Machine-Building Industry and provincial,BOCOG and the technology & industry for national defense.

   The company’s existing 700 staff,including 100 engineers and technicians,with provincial level brand-name products,provincial level technology center and hydraulic test center,the key processing and testing equipment are imported from abroad.The full application of ERP/CAD/CAPP/PDM and other information technology,using three-dimensional,co-simulation and analysis of the hydraulic design software,in order to build the modular components and integrated technology systems development support by technology platform.We have mastered the key technologies of load-sensing,flow distribution ratio,the proportion of electro-hydaulic control,fretting,anti-jamming,energy-saving,synchronization,buffer,sealing,large-scale and servo solenoid hydraulic system,systems integration and deep hole processing ,complex and high-pressure valve body casting,such as the national leader in key technology and has more than 20 technology patents when after more than 50 year of hydraulic technology development.

   The company planning (an area of 320 mu) to the large-scale technological transformation for the key technologies of the core products in order to further enhance the research and development and manufacturing capability,to achieve “domestic first-class,abroad advanced”the goal of the product.