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Jungheinrich winsbiggest lithium-ion contract ever

Author:Jungheinrich Source:Jungheinrich Post Time:2017-08-09 07:15:33 【Send this to a friend

Jungheinrich has received a major order for more than 1,000 lithium-ionvehicles. This is the largest order ever awarded for vehicles fitted withlithium-ion batteries anywhere in the world.
For the intralogistics providers at Jungheinrich, it is the largestvehicle order volume in the company’s history. The internationally active keyaccount will employ the vehicles over the coming months in warehouses andshipping centres in Great Britain, France, Italy and Germany. More than 700 ofthe 1,000-plus industrial trucks will consist of vertical order pickersdesigned for use in narrow aisle warehouses.
 “Jungheinrich isthe undisputed No. 1 for industrial trucks fitted with lithium-ion batteries,”reports Dr. Lars Brzoska, Member of the Jungheinrich Board of Management incharge of Marketing & Sales, continuing: “This order sets a new milestonefor electro-mobility. And it underscores Jungheinrich’s unrivalled mastery oflithium-ion technology.”
Jungheinrich is currently the world’s only manufacturer of industrialtrucks to produce its own lithium-ion batteries. In comparison withconventional lead-acid batteries, lithium-ion technology results in asubstantial increase in performance. Produced at the Jungheinrich plant inNorderstedt, Germany, the batteries can communicate with the vehicle as well asthe charging device.
Over the past three years Jungheinrich has experienced an annual 300per cent increase in sales of its lithium-ion batteries. Based on continuedstrong global demand for this product, the Group is planning to considerablyexpand its manufacturing capacity.
“Currently no otherintralogistics brand has more lithium-ion vehicles in operation thanJungheinrich. We are the technology leader in the field and are settingworldwide standards. Jungheinrich is the world’s only ‘one-stop shop’ forcomplete systems - from the charging device and the battery to the actuallithium-ion vehicle. The high performance standards of lithium-ion batteriesmeans it will be possible to electrify application fields that are currentlydominated by IC powered engines,” explains Brzoska.
Jan Lorenz, Managing Director, Jungheinrich UK, adds: “This order setsthe tone for the future of lithium-ion technology within materials handling andJungheinrich is proud to be at the forefront of the movement. As the onlymanufacturer of industrial trucks that also produces its own lithium-ionbatteries, we’re setting an industry standard. The benefits of using the technologyhave become clear worldwide and in the UK we’re continuing to expand theavailable ranges of lithium-ion technology, underpinned by our 5 yearwarranty.”
Apart from high performance, the advantages of lithium-ion technologyinclude faster charging times, zero maintenance and a particularly long productlife. The fast and short interim charging times enable the virtually continuousoperation of fleets on a 24/7 basis. And time-consuming battery changes are athing of the past with lithium-ion batteries. Customers can now dispense withspare batteries as well as battery changing equipment. And since neither gasesnor acid are emitted by lithium-ion batteries, special charging stationsequipped with expensive exhaust systems are no longer necessary.