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STILL wins German Award for Online Communication

Author:STILL Source:STILL Post Time:2017-06-19 09:28:16 【Send this to a friend

The German STILL GmbH wins the German award for online communication in the category B2B communication (DPOK) for its social media campaign for the product launch of the autonomous order picker iGo neo CX 20.

Being nominated as a finalist by the DPOK alone is a great honour for the supplier of customized intralogistics solutions. Over 800 applicants had submitted their campaigns in an anonymous online voting before to an interdisciplinary jury of experts from science, corporate communication and online PR. Only the best projects and campaigns had made it on the shortlist comprising 37 categories with the finalists, amongst others, besides STILL, renowned companies like Mercedes Benz, Lidl and Vodafone.

STILL made it to the final with an emotional social media campaign which was nominated in the category B2B communication. On Thursday 8 June, it was up to the nominees to present their projects personally to the jury in Berlin. Afterwards, the winners were publicly announced at the award show in Berlin’s cinema International. Amongst others, STILL prevailed over Adobe.

The awarded campaign focussed on the STILL iGo neo CX 20 as the first autonomous order picker that recognises its operator and independently follows the operator through the warehouse. Together with the digital agency melting elements, STILL did not only successfully create an emotional campaign for an industrial product but also managed to mark the topic positively right from the beginning. This is an important anchor for the campaign. The technology undoubtedly is a breakthrough; however, autonomy as such always raises the question whether such machines will one day replace humans.

With its claim „neo changes it all: redefining partnership between human and machine”, the campaign excluded such concern right from the beginning and staged the iGo neo CX 20 as the perfect partner for the human worker. To achieve this, amongst other aspects, futuristic details were published prior to the unveiling of the product, and references to pop art were made on all social channels casting a light on legendary partnerships between humans and machines, accompanied by headlines such as „What would be of K.I.T.T. without Michael Knight?”.

“The German award for online communication tells us that our approach to emotional social media marketing is the right setting for B2B markets as well. We are proud to be awarded by such a top-level panel of experts”, Matthias Klug, Head of Brand Management and Marketing Communication with STILL, is happy to comment.

The German award for online communication has been hosted annually since 2011 by the pressesprecher to award outstanding projects, professional campaign planning and future oriented strategies for digital communication. Over 50 jury members from corporate communication, science and research as well as online PR nominate the finalists and elect the winners on the day of the award.