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STILL Awarded Best Training Organisation 2017

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During yesterday’s award ceremony to finalise the contest ‘Hamburg’s best training organisation 2017’, the team of the head of training Sten-Arne Saß received the prize with 5 stars of special honours for ‘excellency’ for the fifth time.

Before, the professional training at STILL had already been awarded second best training organisation in Germany in the category mechanical engineering in a survey called ‘Germanys best training organisation’ conducted by DEUTSCHLAND TEST and the business magazine FOCUS-MONEY.

“For us, the repeated awards are the best proof that we at STILL play a clearly leading role with our training courses”, says head of training Sten-Arne Saß. “The courses are contemporary, pick up on trends and show perspective. It is a crucial instrument to cover our demand in skilled experts in terms of quality but also with respect to quantity - for the whole of Germany!”

Chair of the STILL management board (CFO) Karl-Heinz Birkner underlines: “We are proud of the successful team effort. In Hamburg and the seven main branches, STILL trains nearly 200 apprentices in 12 professions. Training at top level is an important contribution to secure our long-term capability to offer premium-quality lift trucks and services for the intralogistics industry.”


The competitions:

The competitions ‘Hamburg’s best training organisation’ and ‘Germany’s best training organisation’ are conducted in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Werner Sarges from the Helmut-Schmidt-University, founder and head of the IMWF - Institut für Management- und Wirtschaftsforschung [institute for management and economic research]. The surveys award companies that train tomorrow’s specialists particularly well. Over 5 000 companies from over 50 industries took part in the contests. The evaluation bases on an anonymous questionnaire for the apprentices and the trainers of the respective enterprise. Besides personal questions on the quality of the training and the atmosphere at the place of work, the questions also cover general aspects on the success of the training, structural information of the training and payment for the training taking the general conditions of the industry into consideration.